My Mother's Story

My Mother's Story
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Esther and Siblings at 1970s Reunion

For many years, Esther and her brothers and sisters did not see one another. They had scattered to the four corners of the United States and were involved with their jobs and families. In the 1970s, Esther lived in Lynnwood, Washington, north of Seattle. Don and his wife Amber still resided in Fort Wayne, Indiana (the only Clark sibling to stay near the home place). Floride and her husband Tim Sonnenberg lived in Baytown, Texas. Doris and her husband Paul Bogner lived in Riverside, California. Max lived in New York City. Esther had kept up a lively correspondence with everyone, keeping track of their children and their adventures. I think it was Max, the youngest, who suggested they should have a reunion to share memories and keep in touch on a personal basis. These reunions became a treasured way for the long-separated Clark brothers and sisters to keep connected. "Hugs are much better than letters or phone calls," they decided. As they grew older, the Clarks increasingly appreciated the opportunity to share childhood memories while keeping close to one another. This photo was taken at one of their reunions. From left to right, they are: Max Clark, Esther Clark Vice, Doris Clark Bogner, Floride Clark Sonnenberg, and Donald Clark.

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