My Mother's Story

My Mother's Story
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maude and Cony Clark

Esther's box of memorabilia contained a number of old photographs of the Clark family. I enjoyed these pictures of Maude Myrtle Conrad Clark and her husband, Cony I. Clark. I think Maude was beautiful as a young woman, don't you? She apparently had a happy childhood, and enjoyed visiting with her relatives in the tiny town of Corunna, about eight miles north of Garrett, Indiana.

Maude and Cony attended the Methodist Church when their children were young. It wasn't until the 1920s that Maude embraced the teachings of the traveling Pentecostal evangelists. She was totally convinced that their way to heaven was the only way, and she was determined to see that all of the Clark children followed this doctrine.

When I met my Grandma Clark in 1954, I was amazed at her passionate assertions that all of Esther's children must follow Maude's way to heaven or else. . .I didn't think I wanted to spend eternity in the "Lake of Fire." I'm sure she must have turned over in her grave to know that later I joined the Methodist Church!