My Mother's Story

My Mother's Story
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Esther Vice House Is Published!

Early in my adult life, I decided to write my mother's life story. She was a wonderful woman and a strong role model for me. Her life wasn't easy, and it wasn't ordinary. When she talked about her Indiana family struggling to make a living during the great depression, I marveled at her determination to make a difference. I wish I had taken notes more often when she talked about her past, but her box full of notes and pictures motivated me to get started on this book. It wasn't easy. I struggled to find the right voice. When my husband John and I visited Arizona, I joined a writing group. There, we read selections from our writing and received encouragement and ideas to improve our work. I decided to present Esther's story in her own voice. After that, the writing came easier. I joined the Skagit Valley Writers' League in Washington State and benefited from suggestions offered by my critique group.

Three years later, I published The Esther Vice House. I am pleased with the finished product. Those who have read the book tell me they can't wait to get to the next chapter. They admire Esther's character and identify with her. I look forward to sending a copy to you. Here is the "pitch" printed on the back cover:

During the spring of 1929, a terrible accident changes the life course of Esther Clark, a young teacher in rural Indiana. Hearing a scream, she races out the schoolhouse door, finding six-year-old Willie writhing on the ground, holding his bloody eye. A whirlwind of events carries the unwilling and skeptical Esther through revival meetings by a charismatic traveling evangelist and dumps her in despair when the school board unexpectedly fires her. What's more, her mother shames her into an unlikely marriage that propels her on a cross-country journey which challenges her faith, explores the hardships of poverty and loneliness, and ultimately provides testament to the perseverance of the human spirit.

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